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Giving Tuesday 2023

Giving Tuesday in memory of Susan Whalen Gaskell and honoring all those whose stories bring Jesus' Love into our pain and struggles.

This Giving Tuesday we encourage you to support Girl Talk in honor of someone that showed Jesus to you or in honor of the girls that still need to meet Him.  Maybe you had the joy of having a sweet mama that was a mother to many.  Maybe your story is like mine and you want to give in memory of your mom that needed Jesus even before you knew you did.  Girl Talk is a Christ-centered community of girls and moms in many situations.  We know there are many girls that go home to empty houses or worse, go home to bad situations.  Help us continue to pray for them and meet them where they are.  We need Jesus and we need each other. Thank you for your support!


When you give to Girl Talk Ministries...

you are helping make this happen



We come alongside moms in equipping them to be the mom God has called them to be. We equip girls to become Kingdom leaders in their schools, friend groups and on their college campuses and future jobs.

We do this through Christ-centered discipleship, community and resources.



We are cultivating Christ-centered community for moms and girls through weekly Bible studies, city gatherings, mission projects and being a safe place for girls and moms to belong, know their worth to grow closer to Jesus as we grow closer to each other.



We are discipling girls to walk out their faith wherever the Lord is calling them. Today's culture is to look for satisfaction and worth in every thing but Jesus. We know our true worth and satisfaction is only found in Him.

We disciple girls through building community and creating recourses and content.



We are creating resources and content through our Girl Talk curriculum - a two part, three year, nine semester study that will take our girls through middle school, high school and prepare to lead in college, devotionals, videos, podcasts, online content, blog posts, merch, etc.


From the time I turned two years old my mom worked as a single mom to raise me. That in itself presented a lot of challenges for the both of us.  She spent her days sad and frustrated that she couldn't spend them with me and I spent my days sad that I couldn't spend them with her.   She had been hurt, disappointed and was broken. I believe she was stuck in a place of hurt and fear and didn't trust that there was a place to turn for hope and healing.  As the years went by her challenges, fears and agitations increased, and we both found ourselves struggling to enjoy life.

Girl Talk Ministries -  Giving Tuesday 2023
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