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O U R  S T O R Y


Our mission is to equip moms and girls in Christ-centered community
through a relationship with Jesus and relationship with each other
aligning our lives with Biblical truth and our identity in Him.



aligning with
Biblical Truth and
our identity in Him

We launch, disciple and grow Christ-centered communities of girls and moms in cities across the world while staying connected to our ministry as a whole. We are desperately in need of community where we are and throughout the world with our sisters in Christ.

Our main focus is our relationship with Jesus. When we truly know Jesus, we know who we are and who we were created to be. With this relationship, we can grow in relationships with each other as we seek to know Jesus and love others the way He did.

We stand by the Word of God and we align our lives to live by His Standard alone. In the truth, we find our identity and purpose as

we learn to walk and talk with

Holy Spirit in our every day lives

as moms and girls together in community with each other.


our heart




Your relationship
with Jesus
Our heart is to see you enter into a relationship with Jesus and allow your relationship with Him to be the core foundation of all you are and do. Girl Talk is not about the do's and dont's of religion. Girl Talk is about being so in love with Jesus that the things of this world look so strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace in our hearts and lives. When we allow Jesus to guide our lives, how we see, speak, act and live is so in step with all He came to be and do through us and in us as God's girls.
Your relationship as Mom/ Your relationship as Daughter
We love this relationship so much, whether by birth or by Spirit, and we believe God has such a powerful place in it. The enemy has been after the mother daughter relationship for centuries, creating doubts in the hearts of moms and resistance in the hearts of girls. Our heart is to see His Spirit come alive in the hearts and lives of moms and girls, where He has given us so much power to thrive as daughters of the King, and we seek to honor Him together in all He has created this relationship and the space to be. *
Your relationships
as sisters in Christ
We have this incredible gift to bring purpose to the lives of our sister around us!
Our heart in Girl Talk is to provide a Christ-centered community of discipleship and accountability with our sisters in Christ. The world tells us that girls are mean, but Holy Spirit makes us kind, loving, gentle, patient... Girl Talk is the place to find sisters that last a lifetime, as moms we find a support system and accountability teammates, as girls we find college roommates, bridesmaids and aunts for our children established in Jesus instead of competition and comparison.

discipleship and community

you are known, loved & seen

truth and accountability

*We are so painfully aware that not every girl has a mom, living or active, and not every woman has a daughter, biologically or living. We want this to be a place you find your purpose in community as a daughter of the King and a mentor. We all have a purpose in Biblical womanhood and you have a place here. We pray this can be your place of healing and contentment in all the Lord has for you.




Girl Talk started as a small Bible study for girls and moms Mother's Day weekend of 2013 and quickly grew to hundreds of girls meeting in living rooms across the city. By the end of summer 2014, Girl Talk had grown to four cities. After a couple years of Lindsey hearing about Girl Talk, her daughter, Emi, was old enough to start coming to Bible studies. After missed connections and a few life turns, God connected Amy and Lindsey and their heart and dreams to reach moms and girls and empower them to live their best lives walking and talking with Jesus every day. The best would be getting to do it together. As Girl Talk was growing, there was so much more that could not be done without Lindsey and Amy together. Their dreams became a reality on February 14, 2020 with the first Girl Talk Live.




This picture is where it all started. We had no clue, to say the least. What started as something to do for the summer during college semesters quickly became something that we could not live without. God began creating a community for girls to be themselves and find girls who accepted them for Who Christ made us each to be. While Girl Talk easily became "the place to be," we have seen God move in the lives and hearts of girls for almost ten years. With our oldest girls now seniors in college and our youngest "official" girls in their first year of middle school (with lots of little sisters), we have seen the turn of generations, the change of culture and each stage of life we go through as girls living on mission with Jesus. As Girl Talk as grown -- YOU now have the opportunity to bring this community to where you are and build a Christ-centered community for you and your friends. We have several ways of doing this whether you are a girl looking for discipleship, an older girl looking for a place to disciple or mom looking for community and a way to equip your girl!  


Today, you'll find Girl Talk meeting in living rooms across the world. We are currently studying together "Heart Issues," as we write this nine year curriculum. You can study in a small group, with your mom/daughter or together with us in our online community. Whichever place you choose, all of our resources are available in the app along with available zooms, in person gatherings, our annual end of the summer paint fights and more! 

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