• Amy Cate Smith

You Just Wanted My Heart

“You never wanted perfect You just wanted my heart”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cory Asbury’s new song “Father’s House” could be a theme song of my life.

He just wants my heart. When I really let that sink in, it overwhelms me.

He does not want what I can do. He does not want what I can be. He does not want what I can accomplish. He does not want my perfectionism. Not on my own. Not without my heart.

As far back as I can remember, Proverbs 4:23 has been the focus of many messages, the thread of continuous conversations, the bottom line to all things. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

When our Father does not fully have our hearts, we are just working, trying, accomplishing, being and we are at serious risk of indulging in our flesh and engaging with the enemy. ‭‭ Perfectionism has “guarded” my heart for a long time. Therefore, everything I have done flows from perfectionism. It has not guarded my heart well, it has destroyed it. Perfectionism fails when my heart has not been perfect, so I hid in shame. I kept everyone out, even God. My heart is not perfect. It has been bruised, broken and bare. My heart has been indulged in my flesh and with the enemy.

In my perfectionism, I never gave Him all of it because I could not give Him all He deserves. I did not know how. To me, “done is better than perfect” has never been true.

But I was missing the most important part.

Jesus is perfect and He perfects our heart to be all that our Father deserves. It is not us. Jesus is perfect in us. We cannot do it. The Holy Spirit heals us and makes us whole. Our Father knew that when He gave His One and Only Son because He just wants my heart.

And He just wants yours.

Have you given your entire heart to Him? I had not. Abba Father, my entire heart is Yours. My life has never been the same. Be the One Who guards my heart.

“Arrival's not the end game The journey's where You are You never wanted perfect You just wanted my heart And the story isn't over If the story isn't good And failure's never final When the Father's in the room”

[Check out the video on Girl Talk Ministries talking about our hearts and moms!]

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