• Amy Cate Smith

Where He begins..

I’m so excited to finally share what God has been doing in my life! In the 8th grade, through a journey of many different people and a mission trip to New Orleans, God called me into the ministry. I haven’t known what that exactly looked like as I have prayed my way through my last six years, but I’ve tried to trust Him and seek Him in every step! I am studying Human Development and Family Studies and will go to Seminary after graduation to become a Chaplain to work in a Children’s Hospital. I am thankful for and blessed by every step and every person that has gotten me to this place and helped me along this journey! I am so excited to see where He leads me from here and thankful for every prayer and encouragement I have and will receive as I seek His plan for my life and calling!! I love all those who have been there and continue to be there for me!! Couldn’t imagine this journey without you! As I begin this journey I knew I wanted to keep a journal to be able to go back and see all the Lord has done in my life. I thought I’d try this out just because sometimes typing is so much easier than writing!  Thank you to all of those who are on this journey with me!! Hold on, God has amazing plans!! Living and moving in the will of God is the most exciting, most thrill seeking journey I’ve ever experienced!

Xo Amy

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