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The Stewart’s Next Adventure

As most of you know I had the amazing blessing of having Melissa Cleondis as my first grade teacher. Since then she has always shared her family with me.. birthdays, baptisms, Father’s Day, graduation, anything and all things for as long as I can remember. Philann is someone I have admired from a far the past fourteen years. I couldn’t wait to talk to her every chance I got growing up and I loved anytime she was around! I have adored her children since the day each of them was born and I have loved watching them grow into the precious children they are today! I couldn’t wait to talk to Philann after Melissa told me and eventually God laid it on my heart to partner Girl Talk Ministries with the Stewarts in ministry, prayer and financial support.

The t-shirt idea arose quickly after that in February and by the end of the month I was in Enterprise hearing Philann speak. On the way home that day it hit me for the first time: this is not just a mission trip, they’re moving. I cried a whole lot that day! What a year! Who knew all that would come from that day in Enterprise. A phone call that would change my life completely and relationships I don’t know how I ever lived without. Commissioning Sunday and our last “see you soon” were the other two times I have cried. Cried a whole lot.

Today is not an ending, today is only a beginning. God has amazing plans for Ryan and Philann and I cannot wait to see all He does as Cobb, Clara Rose, and Ryan Philip grow up witnessing it all! Today is no longer the date we just talk about, it is reality! Ryan and Philann leave today! Sometimes I want to close my eyes and maybe it won’t be real. Other times, I want to dance and scream for joy for all the Glory He is receiving through this! No matter how full of joy we are for all the lives that will be changed for His glory, we will miss Ryan and Philann tremendously! Their daily walk with Christ influences me in so many ways and leaves me always thirsting for more of Christ! I cannot imagine life without my Rosie hugs, Philphil snuggles and Cobb chasing! I will see y’all soon! Until then I’m learning Spanish with ya, we ready to take on the world! Love all of you with my whole being!

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