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Summer Serve Send | feat. Abigail Gluschick

This year, Girl Talk Ministries is celebrating 10 Years of Girl Talk Ministries!

One whole decade. 12 grades. 21 cities. 4 missionary countries.

Thousands of girls. Thousands of moms. Thousands of families.

Our 8th and 7th grade Girl Talk girls who began Bible study with us in 2013 have now graduated from college, began jobs, moved across the country, gotten engaged, one has gotten married, some have started graduate school and so much more as they all take Jesus with them in every place. Celebrating 10 years, we have been writing testimonies from girls all across these last 10 years, and as summer approaches we also want to bring you testimonies of girls serving over the summer. Here you will find testimonies of what God has done in their lives through Girl Talk and beyond and the ways they are living and serving Jesus with their lives where they are now!

Today is our first "Summer Serve Send" series and we are talking to one of our Lowndes Girl Talk girls, Abigail Gluschick. Abigail just finished her freshman year at The University of Alabama - Birmingham studying nursing and hopes to becomes to go further in Nurse Practician or similar. She graduated from Lowndes Academy in 2022 and began serving with Girl Talk Lowndes from the very beginning.

We cannot wait for you to hear all the Lord has done and is doing through Abigail.

Girl Talk: Abigail, we love you! From the first time we met you, you have had a special part of our hearts. Your sweet spirit and welcoming smile have always made Girl Talk Bible studies fun and sweet. We started Girl Talk in Lowndes when you were in high school, so a little different story from a lot of our girls who started in middle school. How has Girl Talk and serving with Girl Talk impacted your life?

Abigail: Girl Talk made me realize the amount of young girls from my high school who held me accountable of being a Christian. I had sweet little eyes always watching and looking up to me.

GT: We can attest to that! You absolutely do! You are adored by so many of our younger girls and they look up to you and watch you, even now. It is easy for middle school girls to see older girls and think we have just always been this way. That we just met Jesus and understood it all and walked in faith from the beginning. But when was it that you first started to really began to understand Who Jesus is to you?

AG: I really understood who Jesus was and the relationship I really needed with Him when I first got to college. I was all alone and I had no other choice but to lean on Him. He was The One Who was always there for me.

GT: That is so good. Sometimes it really does take those times when we have no one else, that we realize Jesus is Who we have always had. Not really understanding that until college, what struggles did you face in middle school, high school, and even now college?

AG: I didn’t face many struggles until I graduated high school and moved away from my small town. The real world really hit me. It is hard out there, and I had to pray for strength to face the new challenges Birmingham had for me.

GT: That is another thing we often times do not realize when we see older girls going off to college. But instagram makes things look really good, when they are most of the time not at all. How long did it take for breakthrough in those struggles once you got to college?

AG: After I finally realized the importance of having a relationship with Jesus and having relationships with other Christians, I began searching for that on campus at UAB. By the Grace of God, I got plugged in with Campus Outreach and began growing closer to the Lord with a group of amazing Christian leaders guiding me.

GT: AMEN! That is what Girl Talk is all about -- our relationship with Jesus and our relationship with others. Christ-centered community of really knowing Whose we are and Who we are in Him. This is really the only place we can find true fulfillment and see His Victories in and through our lives. What are the victories you have seen this year as you began finding that fulfillment in your relationship with Christ?

AG: I have seen my friends question the changes in me which is truly rewarding. The fact that I am not the only one who sees God working in me shows how great our God is.

GT: That is amazing, Abigail! We are so proud of you and the way Jesus is showing Himself to others through you, your life and the way He is making you more like Him every day as you seek Him first. What are some of those ways you have seen God work in your life?

AG: He has changed my desires especially in college. During my first semester, I was tempted many times with new things I had never faced but after I began growing with the Lord, those temptations faded away. It was not something I had to work hard on not wanting, but it was truly the Lord changing my heart.

GT: It really is so incredible the truth of Psalm 37:4. When we delight ourselves in Him, our desires become His Desires and He gives us those desires that honor and glorify Him. He is the most incredible Dad, Lord and Redeemer of all things in our heart and mind and desires. He gives us all that we need in and through Him. Now that you have finished your freshman year at UAB, where do you see that God is using you now?

AG: God is using me as an example on campus whether is be in my classes or in my sorority. Just like in high school, that I learned through serving with Girl Talk and being a part of Girl Talk, everyone is watching me. I know I will still face challenges just as every college student does, but I pray the Lord keeps changing my heart and leading me in the right direction to face those challenges.

GT: It has been such a delight to watch you grow in the Lord, watch you choose Him even when it is hard, and watch you step up to that truth, you are being watched and you are leading others. We are all leading someone, and most of us are leading more than one person, whether we know it or not. We are either leading those watching us to Jesus or leading us further away from Him. It is our choice every day. We do not live in a world where our choices are solely impacting ourselves. That has never been true. the Bible even says that when talking about sin that will impact generations. Through all of this and realizing and walking out that call of leading others closer to Jesus, where has the Lord called you to serve this summer and how can we pray for you?

AG: God is sending me to Panama City Florida on a project called Summer Beach Project with Campus Outreach. I will be down there for 8 weeks not only working at Walmart [GT: to build relationships in the community to share The Gospel], but also working to build my relationships with the Lord and fellow Christian college students. I will also learn how to share The Gospel. I would love for y’all to keep me in y’all’s prayers as I face these unknown times. I am very excited but also very nervous. I have to pray for strength and courage!

GT: Abigail, you for forth in the strength Holy Spirit gives you as you walk this calling out this summer and the courage that extends you further than yourself can take you on your own. We pray in Jesus' Name that you walk, you serve, you speak, you love knowing you have the Power, the Strength, the Courage and the Mind of Christ in you, through you and for you working for your good and His Glory always. We are so proud of you and we are praying for you every day this summer.

We would love for you to join us in prayer for Abigail Gluschick as she leaves for Summer Beach Project this Saturday, May 21, and she is gone for eight weeks. Every time you go to Walmart or pass Walmart, pray for her to love others and share The Gospel with every one she meets. We love you, Abigail, and we cannot wait to hear and see all that the Lord does in and through you this summer.

To learn more about Summer Beach Project or Campus Outreach, visit there website here.

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