• Amy Cate Smith

Spiritual High and Reality

Most Christians for every retreat, mission trip, Disciple Now they go on they experience what is commonly referred to as a “Spiritual High.” You feel good; you and Jesus could conquer the world. You’ve been away from the drama, the nastiness of the world, your every day responsibilities and you have been surrounded by people who are all seeking after the same thing- Christ. Along with the “Spiritual High,” you often hear people refer to “reality.” Often times, coming home from trips or leaving the worship service after a huge D Now, Satan automatically makes you think this lie of “you’re going back to reality.” But this is our reality. As Christians, God gives up the amazing blessing to live this “Spiritual High” every day. He wants what we are feeling right now, this “Spiritual High” to not just be a hit but to be a long lasting feeling, a life change, an every day decision. He wants this ‘Spiritual High” you’re experiencing right now, to be your every day. How much would our lives change if our “Spiritual High” was our reality? How would our schools change? Our work change? Our churches change? Our families change? Our marriage change? Our friends change? Our schedules change? What would our world look like if this “Spiritual High” everyone talks about became our reality and that a “Spiritual Low” is what happened every once and a while but didn’t stay long?

Now off to a nap and watching my Amy Grant videos from Friday night, having to deal with that high is a whole other story!

Xo Amy

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