• Amy Cate Smith

Spat in my face

I wish I could quote the whole movie of Fireproof. I could watch this scene over and over. Think about something that just makes you extremely mad. A situation that you do something over and over and get no reward, no love, no thanks back. That is Jesus every day. Every day He wakes us up with a beautiful sunrise, breath in our lungs, we have breakfast, sunlight.. I could list all the things God gives us in a day. He gave us His one and only Son! Do we thank Him every single day? Do we thank Jesus for loving us over and over even when we reject Him? Worrying is not trusting Him, worrying is rejecting Him, worrying is spitting in His face. Sinning is spitting in His face. Doing anything not of God is spitting in His face. We might not straight up say “I REJECT YOU JESUS” but while we are still sinners, we are rejecting Him every time we choose sin over Him. But He still loves us over and over and over!

Xo Amy

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