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Meet Her Where She Is

Sometimes there are deadlines to meet and work to get done, sometimes it is cold outside and what they are wanting to do is not what you want to do. But sometimes, you hurry up and get it done, change your socks and hit the court.

A few years ago, I sat on the couch with one of the girls I was having a hard time connecting with and watched movie after movie of a series she loved. She talked the entire time, she told me all about every character and every thing she knew about the movie, the making of it and the story. It was incredible to hear her heart, her passion and what she loved. She talked more than I had ever heard because I entered her world and listened to what she wanted to talk about. That afternoon, I learned more about girls ministry than ever before.

Girls ministry is a lot of heart to heart. The true meaning of it in every way. And though I am not a mom, I am around a lot of them and there always seems to be a lot of similarities of girls ministry and being a mom. So whether you are an older girl/woman pouring into a younger girl or you are mom trying to connect with your daughter, meet her where she is. Wherever that is. Even if you do not understand where that is. Take the time. Listen. Girls are incredible. The way the Lord has wired our brains. What makes our hearts beat. So just listen. What they want to do when they grow up. What they are passionate about. How they spend their time. What they wish they could do. It may change. Today they might want one thing and tomorrow it might be completely different.

And then, the coolest thing about listening is how we get to speak into them after we listen. After we know what they love, what their heart beats for, their passion, their wants, their desires... after we know all of that. The heart to heart comes. Because only when we KNOW their heart can we speak TO it.

Only when we choose to enter into their world and hear their hearts can we truly trust that our heart to heart will actually bring heart meaning in a way only the Holy Spirit can guide and guard them.

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