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Measure Your Life With Christ

We all measure our lives to someone. Plenty of times I find myself saying I wish I was one of my favorite actresses or I wish I was more like so and so. At Mr. David Swendenburg’s funeral Monday, his son, my friend, Sean talked about how many measured their lives to Mr. Dave. Many sons measure their lives to their fathers. But one thing he said that stuck out to me is that his dad measured his life to Jesus.

It’s important to have role models and people you look up to. Iron sharpens iron. You can only get wiser when you surround yourself with wiser than you. The Bible talks about relationships over and over. There are examples of relationships and there are verses telling us how important they are all throughout the Bible starting with Adam and Eve. The second greatest commandment behind Love your Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind is love your neighbors as yourself. Love as I have loved you! We are made to love God and love people! Measuring your life to someone else’s is not a bad thing. I believe with all my heart God puts people in our lives to be examples. But ultimately, your life needs to be measured to Him.

I think about the great people who are now in Heaven- my dad, my grandmother, Cole, Virginia, Mr. Chad, Mr. David, Mrs. Sharon I could go on and on. They lived amazing lives and ultimately,they measured their lives to Christ. They followed Christ in everything that they did. Every decision they made, every step we take.. it has to be about God. Only God. You can look to others for advice but when you begin making decisions because of other people, you’re stepping into foggy water. I love my people, my people are the best! But the ONLY person you can rely on being there FOREVER is God! Your people may never choose to leave you, but nobody determines their last day. You never know when someone will be gone. Look up to them, strive to be like them, but measure your life to Christ.

Xo Amy

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