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Love, not convenience

One thing I have loved about growing up is learning relationships are not about convenience, relationships are about love. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a relationship with someone because it was convenient for Him. Do you think it was convenient for Christ to come from Heaven, be born a human, and life a life of torture and ridicule? Do you think that it was convenient for Him to talk to the woman at the well? Do you know that conversation at the well is the longest recorded from Jesus? She was considered dirt to the church and to the holy people in her land and He talked to her. Not the holiest, most perfect, never sinning beautiful super model. The woman at the well with five husbands and nothing to her name. That is not convenience.

All through life- whether I was moving schools, changing churches, or coming home from Auburn.. I lost friends but I kept friends too. Just like God doesn’t call us to have a relationship with Him just on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights or in Tuesday morning Bible study- He doesn’t call us to have relationships just at our school, our church, our cities. Just when it’s convenient for you. You know the best thing you could possibly do-depending on someone’s love language- pick up the phone and tell your friends you love them not because you’re bored and you just saw them at the grocery store but because you love them. Send them a handwritten letter, not because you just got new stationary and you want to use it, but because you love them. Send them flowers, not because someone in your office just sent them to you and you don’t like that person, but because you love them. Offer to babysit so they can have date night. Ask if you can pick up their children and take them to soccer practice, not because your child has soccer practice too, but because you love them. Not because you go to church with them every Sunday or because you go to school with them everyday, but because Jesus loves you and He has called us to love one another as ourselves. Love is sacrifice. If you don’t know what to do for someone else, do for someone else what you would want to be done for you.

Love as you love yourself.

Xo Amy

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