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Junior Year, When Did You Get Here?

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Two years ago, these were taken on my first day of college. Boy! What a journey we have been on since that day. Auburn was, in some instances, my favorite place. I loved class and I loved school. (Never thought I’d say that!) I loved making friends from different places and backgrounds. I LOVED being on my own and feeling like the adult I always thought I was. College was a whole new world for me. And in these pictures, I had no clue. Food trucks and busy concourses, packed hallways and a Chickfila line longer than the line to the white house. Many many nights were spent in the library or piled on the bed with friends watching Nashville and Gossip Girl. My type of party was making dinner and watching Netflix with my sweet friends at our house. I met boys, dated boys, held hands with boys, went out with boys and made some of the best friends I’ll ever have! It wouldn’t be until almost eight months later that I would meet true friends and find a church that part of me will always call home. I remember ending my freshman year so sad that I only had three more years at Auburn. If I had one thing I would want someone to know before they start their freshman year it’s this- you’ll be a junior before you know it, follow Christ in all that you do, never take your eyes off of Him, time flies, but God changes lives; seek Him first and He will use you for His Glory!

As most of you know I came home from Auburn to lead Girl Talk the summer after my freshman year, and from there little did I know I would not go back. God’s plans were not for me to go back to Auburn though I have tried many times 😉 A year ago today I got a phone call that changed my life. I remember being younger and my aunt married {hang with me} one of my sister’s friend’s granddad. His daughter had been friends with my dad growing up and her sister-in-law has been a close friend of our family’s for my entire life and longer. Collier Ann was one of those people everyone wanted to know. I remember being so proud to be able to call her my cousin. I told everyone all the time every thing I knew about her. She was absolutely beautiful. Just out of this world beautiful. I feel like there are only a few people like that! A year ago today she was killed in a drunk driving accident where she was not wearing her seatbelt. My sophomore first semester was granted extremely hard. My whole sophomore year was quite a blur. It is hard to believe the world has kept on spinning for a year without you, CA! Forever in our hearts.

This summer has been the most amazing I could have ever imagined. There are heartbreaks I wish had never happened but God showed His amazing power and is still showing it by making everything beautiful in it’s time. He will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born! I love all that He has done this summer and I do not want it to end. Though summer is ending, I am thankful the Lord’s work never does! I am thankful for the opportunity, though I miss Auburn tremendously, to continue my passion with our middle school girls year around. This isn’t the college lift I ever would have expected for myself. There is only one day out of the year I wish I was in a sorority and that’s Bid Day. I am thankful that my “sorority” consists of over 400 middle school girls now state wide that steal my heart every day! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else starting my junior year than surrounded by the most amazing moms and precious girls!

Starting junior year today looks a whole lot different than life starting my freshman year. Today looks a whole lot different that I ever thought it would. In the last two years, I have experienced many joys. I have found some of my greatest friends and together we have watched life’s ups and downs. I have seen my best friend get married and I have seen babies grow up. I have seen things that fill my heart with joy and I have experienced deep and utter heartbreak. There have been times when I didn’t know if I could go any longer and there have been times when I couldn’t imagine a better day. Starting junior year today, I feel like the most incredibly blessed girl on the entire planet. I miss my dad always and I wish he was here to see me grow up, I pray that I am making him proud, but in his absence God has blessed me with the most amazing love and support I could ever ask for! I know that when I need anything- a joy to share, a shoulder to cry on, a house to sleep in, a meal to eat, etc. I have a list of people who are here for me and that makes me today, the most blessed junior in college I could ever asked to be. Thank You Lord for this amazing journey. Paul didn’t boast in his accomplishments because they were not his, he boasted in his weaknesses because without them He would not know the intimacy he has with the only One who has gotten Him through! Thank You Lord for my struggles, pains and weaknesses I pray that You use them to bring Glory to Your Name and always let Your Will be done!

Here’s to junior year! May you be full of joy and all Glory to God!

*Always wear your seatbelt and never drive under the influence. I was raised that even if you’ve had one drink let someone who hasn’t drive. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Making the choice to get behind the wheel of a car when under the influence not only puts your life in danger, in puts others in the car in danger and every one on the road. Lose the pride and gain some respect!

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