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Jesus, Be Known

Just in the first chapter of Ecclesiastes, the writer talks about everything being worthless, chasing the wind and all of life is vanity. Basically, it doesn’t matter what we do on earth, we will still die and we will be forgotten. Depressing, right? What he is sorely missing is Jesus.

This semester, I have had the coolest conversations and experienced the coolest moments with the girls.

If you read our March Update we sent out yesterday, you got a little update on how we have seen the fruit in girls answering call to ministry, leading Bible studies, going on mission trips, etc. (If you didn’t get it, here’s the link —>

I have watched high school girls lead, middle school girls speak up and moms encourage each other. College girls choosing mission trips for spring break and trips that are most honoring to Christ. This week, girls initiated on their own wanting to read Proverbs together for the 31 days of March and a group text to talk about it. And they are posting what they are learning on their Instagrams. Last night, I saw a table of our high school girls celebrating a birthday and praying before their meal. I honestly could go on and on how I see girls every day choosing Jesus.

This is not to say anything about me or about Girl Talk. What Ecclesiastes taught me yesterday is that yes, every single thing in this world is vanity. It all goes away. There is nothing we can chase in this world that will fill us up. And no matter what we gain in this world, we will be forgotten. Legacy may go on but forever there will be “Who is Amy Smith?” “What is Girl Talk?”

What is forever is Jesus. I do not want to be remembered. I want Jesus to be known.

It is easy to look around and think the world has gone mad. But do not forget, Jesus is on the throne. He has already won. The enemy is defeated. And though he may have this world fooled, he does not have to have us fooled.

We have the victory of Christ resurrected in us. We have the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us. He is moving. He is working. And do not forget to look around and see Him. He is in the smallest moments, the quietest comforts, the sweetest times. But He is also the biggest power, loudest strength and overtaking force like nothing else we know on this earth. We are in the most comforting arms of our loving Daddy and being fought for by the fiercest Warrior.

Jesus, be known.

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