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january lookback


January brings all the feels to the house. It’s a new month, a new year. January is my fav because I was born so what can top that? This 2017 January has been one for the books. I’ve learned to rest. Not just sleep, cause if you know me.. you know I can do that. But I’ve learned to rest in the Lord and really take things one day at a time. Let’s look back at January 2017.



Prayers for Mary Kathryn


Lauren and Christopher

Through all this craziness, my job at First Baptist Montgomery was established. I am technically now “officially” Girls Minister after 2 years of being in and out during the school year. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to make this position permanent, not only for me, but for who is to come after me. I believe in Girls Ministry and I think it’s so important for girls to have a minister/ministry for their own. Growing up as a girl today is so much more than it was, even when I was growing up. I’m very thankful First Baptist sees the need and allows me to go in as Girls Minister every day. It is such a blessing to serve with my amazing Kingdom warriors to our incredible church family.


So, now you see maybe how I learned to rest. I destroyed my phone in the rain, had major surgery, recovered with my sister out of town and spent two days away for my birthday. I’m so thankful to establish the Girls Ministry at First Baptist. It’s such a fun, exciting, terrifying thing to establish a new ministry. But it’s fun and reminds me a lot of the days of starting Girl Talk. Lots of explaining and praying. This month has been sweet. Now I look into February- back to work, back to school, back to Girl Talk, back to wedding planning, back to caring for my sweet granddad, back to planning for my next trip to Honduras. Lots to do, lots going on but I know my sweet Jesus has a big plan ahead. I’m praying for your February, that you see God’s Love and Light every where you look.

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