• Amy Cate Smith

It is a Game

You know why children (and then teenagers) have bad attitudes on the baseball field and on the courts? Because they watch the coaches and parents argue with the umpires and referees continually. They throw their hands up, they make the dirty comments and guess what children and players are watching. Believe it or not. Children look up to their parents and coaches. They hear a lot more from the field and court than you think. Children are observant, some more than others.

It is a game.

After your game, win or lose, you go home to your family. More than likely your family is just the way you expected it to be, whole and together. Some families don’t get that tonight. Win or lose, you still have your life, your faith, your family, your wealth, your job, your children, your spouse. The sun will rise tomorrow. Your next meal will be on the table or in the fridge waiting to be cooked. You will survive the bad call, the misjudged pitch, or a loss. Is it really that important? I witnessed a grown man this week pitch a fit multiple times, before storming out of the field, yelling, begging for a warning or an ejection, only to come back in and continue pitching a fit. I’m sorry sir, what do you think you’re accomplishing? There is so much more to life than winning a game or winning an argument.

You are raising the next generation. It’s your job to make sure they don’t turn out stupid!


Xo Amy

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