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If I Could Give You Anything

Sometimes I want these days back, but every day I’m thankful for where we’re at. Last night at small group I asked my girls if they could give one of the people they are closest with anything in the world what would it be? I thought about you and all you’ve given me, from everything in loving me as your own to all things small in t-shirts and chocolate. What I wish I would give you isn’t something I could buy. I would give you all the joy in the world so you could see how it feels to have the joy you’ve been for me. I would give you all the love in the world for all the love you’ve given me.

You met me as the girl missing her dad with a broken heart. I had just turned 12 and my world was upside down. I remember being mesmerized at the beauty you held. But by far my favorite thing about you is that your mesmerizing beauty goes far beyond your appearance. You took my broken heart with care and gave me a love I would have missed from my most favorite man. You didn’t stop there but you provided me with the family I would miss and the love that cannot be so easily replaced. Only God can do that, only God can give you back what the world stole. I am thankful God used you.

You’ve turned tears into laughter and you’ve helped me see the rainbow even in the middle of storms. From things that might seem small to the world like family dinners and picking a tree, you’ve given me the joy of having family. You’ve made me feel whole when I feel so broken. You’ve made me feel love in the loneliest of places. You’ve given me love when I need it most. You’ve loved me in the good and you’ve loved me in the bad. You’ve loved me more than you have to and longer than anyone else would!

You’ve taught me the concept of the open door policy and the way God intended for our homes to be full. This life isn’t our own and our heart is not our own, we are to guard our lives and guard our hearts but Jesus did not reject anyone and neither should we. You’ve calmed me down and you’ve gotten me excited. You’ve shown me that the right thing should be done always, even if it means going to City Hall 😛 I could go on and on about all you’ve taught me because it the last eight years I have gained a world of love, joy, knowledge, life and so much more because of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love you millions Mama O and if I could give you anything in the world it would be to experience how it feels to be loved by you!

Xo Amy

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