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I Thought You Already Were?

I am thankful and blessed to accept the official position as Girls Minister at First Baptist Montgomery.

“I thought you already were?”




So today, two and a half years later we have officially “established” our Girls Ministry and I am officially “Girls Minister.” This, to me, just means that this is no longer a position we’re trying to create and see how it goes. To me, nothing has changed but this means that  God has worked in and through our Girls Ministry and it is here to stay. And if God decides to call me to another place, then another Girls Minister


I work with the 5th-12th grade girls building relationships and discipling. I also work with 1st-4th grade girls helping out when needed around the Children’s Ministry. My favorite thing is GAs. One of my favorite things is to partner with the 7th grade girls in helping them get them involved with our student ministry and start them in small group. I


I still don’t feel called to church ministry. But I feel called to First Baptist Church and I don’t think that will ever change. Girl Talk is still number one on my list and God is doing incredible things through our ministry as we become a 501(c)3 along with our boys ministry and supporting our missionaries in Honduras and Girls Ministry there. First Baptist is an incredible place and I have gained and been


Xo Amy

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