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He delights in every detail of their lives

I knew God had called me into the ministry but I didn’t really know how or where He wanted to use me. I had wanted to be a teacher since I was blessed with the best 1st grade teacher in the existence of the world, Melissa Cleondis. In September of my junior year, my sweet friend Virginia Jacks was killed in a car accident. The Commission a couple weeks before Virginia’s death, God had it strong on my heart that no one is promised a tomorrow. That is all I could think about every night and in every small group. On the first night of small group our leader asked us if any of us had something God was teaching us. I immediately said “I don’t mean to start this off depressing but Hannah (another friend who had passed away that January) was in our small group last year and now she is gone. Any of us could not make it to tomorrow or next year. Are you prepared for that?” That is all I learned that commission. And three weeks later Virginia was gone.

The night of Virginia’s funeral God woke me up and I felt Him calling me to counseling. I fought with Him for what seemed like hours. I wanted to be a teacher, not a counselor. No way was I fit to be a counselor. I remember later God using Mrs. Kristin Tew again and He told me to tell her all I felt He was calling me to do. I seriously thought He was joking! Mrs. Kristin is a pastor’s wife and a mom of three (keep in mind this is 9:30 at night,) and I almost didn’t do it. But I did it anyway! I typed every thing out and hit send. Within twenty minutes, she had written me back telling me that she was in seminary working on a master of arts in marriage and family counseling. That fact right there blew me out of the water. No doubt God’s hand is all over this. That night was another night in my walk with Christ that I never will forget and another night God used Mrs. Kristin in my life and spoke through her in amazing ways. Not a surprise at all!! Just pure thankfulness! The love God gives us for the people He places in our lives is amazing and so undeniable. I am thankful for you! I love you Mrs. Kristin with all my heart and I know that November 15, 2010 was just a beginning of this calling!

Still praying and praying about counseling, October 2011 my sweet precious Karlie Gill was so sick in Children’s for way too many months. Once Karlie was getting better, I started having stomach problems for months and no doctor could figure it out. I was in the cancer center for a scan of my gall bladder when God said it to me. “Oncology.” I prayed about it and I knew God wasn’t leading me to any kind of oncology. Being so young when my dad was sick, I didn’t see a lot of what He went through. Going into general oncology would allow me to be up close and personal a lot of what he went through and a lot worse things than what he went through. Seeing the cancer patients and Karlie being sick, God spoke it into me perfectly. “Pediatric oncology counseling patients and their families.”

Thank you again and always to Mrs. Kristin Tew for being there when you had no obligations and 400 miles between us! God’s never failed to use you in my life and speak through in amazing ways! Virginia Jacks, I love you more than you know and I miss you every day. And sweet precious Karlie, every child I ever work with in Children’s will always remind me of you. I am so thankful to God that you are healing! You are so precious and dear to my heart! I wouldn’t be where I am without the three of you! I love yall so much!

Xo Amy

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