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Happy Graduation from Jesus!

Hey moms of graduating seniors,

High school graduation is coming up, and we know that you are so full of all the emotions!

The excitement of a new chapter!

The joy of seeing your baby getting to experience all the fun in the next step!

Those are all of the fun things that come with being a mom!

Unfortunately, there’s also the sadness of a baby leaving the nest.

There is also the fear of the unknowns and the what if’s.

They aren’t coming home every day and night to discuss their problems with you over some ice cream.

I’m sure you both will miss those times.

How can you make sure that they continue to make good choices?

Is there one more thing you can give them so that you know you’ve done all you can to pack their suitcase with everything they need for the next step?

You are buying all the clothes, maybe some cute dorm room, decorations, and then packing everything to take care of their physical needs.

But here is one more thing that we think they need for the most important thing, their heart.

We know that we all love a handwritten letter. It is an art that conveys love. Unfortunately it’s not done much anymore. It’s the one thing that holds the sweetest place in our hearts when we get one!

Because of the girls in our own lives, we have taken the time to write a letter from Jesus that is complete scripture, only scripture. We think that this will be something that your child treasures forever, because it is from you, in your handwriting.

Even though your child is leaving the nest and she’s probably really excited to do that, there’s always a little fear and sadness in them. Having this hand written note in a drawer close by will be the perfect thing that will keep you connected even when you’re miles apart.

You will not want to miss the opportunity to give your child this letter, full of scripture that encourages her, and who she is, God’s Good Plan for her, His Understanding of her trials and temptations, and His Encouragement to her to stay with Him for help in all things.

I, Lindsey, created this, typed it out, and it was two typed pages long. When I took the time to hand write this, it was 3 1/2 pages long.

We also have all the scripture references on a separate sheet to keep with the letter.

We are asking that you purchase this letter for $5. When you purchase the digital file through Etsy, you will receive a digital download to copy in your own handwriting. We know that “freely we have been given and freely we should give” but this little purchase helps continue to make the ministry of Girl Talk possible!

You can purchase the digital file here -- Girl Talk Ministries Etsy Shop

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for not sharing your copy with others!

We love you and are praying for you and your girls!!!

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