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I’ve always been taught don’t be mean because one day that person could be your boss, or your child’s teacher, or the man making your food at your favorite date night restaurant, etc. You never know who the people you grow up with are going to become. It’s the future. You have to think about how your decisions today are going to effect your tomorrow, your next year, your adult years. Always. Burn as little bridges now as possible because you never know when you’re going to need someone and you never know when it’s going to be the girl you were mean to that one time and she never forgave you.

If boys and girls in the dating world thought about their wives/husbands and their children the dating world would be so much different. If a boy thought about the guy he wants his daughter dating, I bet you he wouldn’t cheat on his girlfriend in high school or try to sleep with the middle schooler two years younger than him. I bet you the girl on prom night wouldn’t be sleeping with her boyfriend if she thought about her daughter in that situation or her future husband. I’ve always been taught what you do with every boy before your husband will be with you on wedding night and every night after. It doesn’t just go away. You’ll have to probably tell your children because when they’re tempted, they’ll ask you. If we thought about our future spouses and our children– who we want to marry and who we want our children to date and marry do you think we’d act differently or date differently?

It’s an interesting question because I act differently because of Heaven. I have a hope because of Heaven. My day is changed because of Heaven. Do I act differently because of my future husband? One day I will be married to the man of my dreams and I want to save the best for him, nothing less, nothing missing. One day I will have beautiful children who love me and their father and who look up to us. Am I the girl now that I want my sons dating? Are the boys I’m dating the boys I want my daughters dating and my sons being and the man I want my husband to be? I want to date the boys I want my boys to become and the the boys I want my daughters to date. You can tell your children all day how you learned not to be by doing it all the wrong way and hope they listen but how much greater will it be to be able to tell them how by the grace of God you learned how to do it the first time. Not perfectly, but with little regrets. Think about God. Think about Heaven. Live for your future.

Xo Amy

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