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False Hope or Hoping Falsely?

False Hope.

False is defined “not according with truth or fact; incorrect; appearing to be the thing denoted; deliberately made or meant to deceive.”

Hope is defined “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen; a feeling of trust” and in the verb form “want something to happen or be the case.”

When I think of the phrase false hope I think “expecting something that may or may not happened”  or “celebrating something that might not last.”

In Miracles From Heaventhere is a scene where a father is worried about his daughter having false hope. He is referring to her daughter hearing about Jesus.

When the sun begins to peak out of the clouds in a stormy situation, I’m not usually the first one to put down my umbrella. Maybe I think it’s not real, maybe I think the clouds will just move back over and I’ll get drenched. I try not to get my hopes up because typically, life doesn’t ever put the storm to rest.

But today I had a thought, but God. But Jesus.

Can Hope really be false when our Hope is in Jesus? 

Jesus is never false and hope in Him can never be found not according with truth or fact and hope can never be found incorrect. Hope in Jesus is never found appearing to be the thing denoted, or deliberately made or meant to deceive. That is not our Jesus and that is not His Hope.

Do you have hope today? Hope in healing? Maybe hope in delivering? Hope that something somewhere down the road will turn things around and make things right? We all hope for things.. but what do you hope in? Yourself? The world? Your bank account? Your doctor? Your spouse? Your GPA? Your athletic stats? Your weight?  Your personal record? Your job?

Whatever your hope is in it will always be false if it’s not in Christ. Because everything on this earth will pass away, fade away, move away and go away. But Christ never leaves, He never dies, He never fires, quits, disobeys, changes, rearranges, loses.. Christ is never false. He is never incorrect. He is never without fact. He is never denoted or deceiving.

Today 2,000+ years ago, Jesus died on the cross. Hope was gone. It was the darkest day in history. Until three days later, the grave was won, the tomb was broken and the HOPE OF JESUS was alive.. Jesus Christ resurrected. Sunday is coming! Jesus is ALIVE! HOPE IS RESTORED!

Christ is forever and always.

And your hope in Christ is forever and always.

So whatever you’re hoping for, let your Hope be found in Christ for it will never be false.


#Hope #JesusChrist

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