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Be More.


“If God answered all your prayers, would the world be different or just your life?”

Some things stop you in your track.

This was one of those things for me.

This quote reminded me of all I’ve ever heard about Chad Stewart. He dedicated his lives to others.

I think his prayers made the world different. I know his life did. All I’ve ever heard of Chad Stewart is that he wanted the best for everyone. He did everything to help everyone and he held nothing back from that. He did his best. He was the smartest and the wisest at all he did. I’ve never heard anything bad about him and I’ve had many of plenty people tell me their stories and share their love for him. I remember someone saying “He didn’t worry about what anyone thought, he just did it.”

Today the world was blessed with an unique soul. One who, to all of humanity feel, left entirely too soon. Just like the life of my own dad, I take great joy in knowing that in Chad Stewart’s 41 years of life he loved more, blessed more, inspired more, encouraged more, led more, cared more, worked more, contributed more (the list goes on and on) than some will do in their 4+ decades on earth. B, you had more of a husband in your marriage than some will have their entire lives with their husbands (even some with their multiple husbands.) Cate, AP and Bo, you had more in your dad than some will ever have in their dads for their entire life. He loved y’all more than some will ever know love and he gave you more than some will ever have their whole lives. It doesn’t take the pain away but one day, it will make you smile when you feel like crying and it will make Heaven feel a little bit closer.

As I knew today was approaching, I was praying about what I could do to remember this amazing life I was never blessed to know. I want to donate a little extra today to Ryan and Philann in memory of Mr. Chad’s life.

So today in memory of Mr. Chad — I challenge you

Don’t ever be afraid to love too much, to give too much or to be too much. Those who turn you away for being too much, loving too much, giving too much is just a path change to show you there is someone else out there who needs more love. I am so incredibly thankful that Ryan and Philann are dedicating their lives to loving the unloved. For that I pray all of you will feel overwhelmingly loved. Thank you Mr. Chad for being more.

Love more.

Bless more.

Inspire more.

Encouraged more.

Lead more.

Care more.

Work more.

Contributed more.

Be more.

Happy Birthday Mr. Chad!

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