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A Bounty of Beauty

When I was little I said I wanted to be a teacher so I could be with my children when they got home from school. I missed my momma when she dropped me off at daycare (she didn’t have a choice) and I knew I didn’t want to do that one day.

Thankfully I had the privilege of staying home with my children during their little years. Even though it was hard and we didn’t have as much as we could have I knew I didn’t want them to ever miss me like I missed my mom.

We played, fussed, learned, and all grew in grace together. Learning to say, “I was wrong.” Both them and myself.

Now I get the pleasure and joy of seeing the harvest of beauty that I thought was forever away. The garden that was started in her heart 16 years ago.

It’s not over yet, and we still play, fuss, learn and say “I was wrong”. And every sacrifice was worth it. I look ahead and tell my myself there will be more. More Sacrifices of my time, things I want but can’t have...sacrifices of my pride, things I will willingly deny myself knowing that what I am choosing instead will be much more rich. So I sit and choose to drink from the river of Life more so I can pour more of His life into them. 🌸Like this of the #beauties in my #bounty 🌸 I love her so.

Sweet momma, yes, the days are long, but the years are short.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days filled with directing their energy to the right places instead of living in the days hoping that they direct their hearts into the right waters.

But each decision in each moment is an opportunity to plant seeds in the garden of your child’s heart. Resist the urge to take the easy way out in each moment. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself what you want to grow. Each moment leads to either a weed or a rose.

Not only in moments of conflict, but how are we sowing into their lives so that when the hard choices are having to be made they want to hear our voice and not the other distractions around? Are we choosing to do what they want to do or what we want to do? Are we taking in wise words so we can give wise words? Are we daily drinking from the fountain that gives Life to our lives?

To be's my fears that drive me to practice faith and praise every moment I can. Trying to drive out the fears because in my head I know that God is our refuge and He is able to do more than I can ask or imagine. I've seen it before and I know He loves us so much that He will do it again. These are the tough choices we mommas make every day. Every moment counts. But even if you've blown it in the past you can always say, "I was wrong. Will you please forgive me?" And they will.


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