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5 Reasons Why I Have Already Bought 5 Hope Heals books

1. We Are Not Alone

In this world of social media, photoshop and all things pretty pictures, it’s easy to think I’m the only person going through a trial. Hope Heals shows that we’re not alone. Though many of us will never go through what Jay and Katherine have faced, we will have trials (Matthew 6:33). But, through Christ and His Hope that heals you will see brighter days as we see in the Jay and Katherine’s brighter days.

2. “You can give God the glory and it can still hurt.”

Giving God the glory doesn’t mean you’re over it and it does’t mean it doesn’t hurt. You can still give God the glory even when it hurts. God is big enough for that! It doesn’t make the glory less or worth less. The widow gave all she had and it was less than the rich man who gave just a little of what he had.. who was giving more? (Mark 12:44) God just asks us to give what we have to Him and He will take care of us. (Psalm 55:22) Trust with the little and He is faithful in the big. (Luke 6:10) Your praise in the hurting times is Glory to God just as much as it is in our good times. Jay and Katherine not only say this, they live this.

3. God Is Faithful

God will take you out of this storm eventually. Whatever you’re facing, God is faithful. He has never broken a promise. He has never made a promise that He cannot keep. Look back at your life.. if you are following Christ, seeking Him, has He ever left you stranded? If you’re drawing near to Him, He will draw near to you. (James 4:8) He has a plan and purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) and in that He is always faithful. You will see that in this book of faithfulness through Jay and Katherine’s life of hope.

4. Hope Heals

Obviously. But really, have you thought about it? The difference between depression and hope. The difference in a day of disparity and a day of hope. Hope heals. When you have hope, the day is brighter, the moment is brighter, the storm is brighter. Hope heals, hope brightens, hope sees, hope loves. Katherine and Jay “redefine healing and manifest hope.” If you don’t start this book with Hope in our Savior, hope in His Redeeming Love and Hope in knowing that He is Lord of it all, you will finish it knowing all of it and having the choice to choose hope. Jay and Katherine are living proof that hope heals.

5. Give It Away

When you find something good, you want to tell everyone. When you watch a good movie, hear a good song, eat at a good restaurant.. etc. But what you do when something is amazing will only prove when it happens to you. And when you read Hope Heals, it’ll happen. You’ll find this amazing thing and you won’t be able to be silent about it. Get a book, read it, give it away. Buy two books, give one away. Buy five books and give them all away. However you choose, give this book away. Give hope. Share hope. Be hope to someone who needs it. One of the best ways to share Christ is to share the Hope, Joy, Peace and Love He is because no other god can be that because no other god is God. And only our God gives hope in the time of hopelessness, only our God gives JOY in the time of utter devastation, only our God gives PEACE when you have no clue what to do and only our God gives LOVE when all conditions have turned the world away. Only our God. Give it away as Jay and Katherine have given their lives away to Christ and serving Him through the testimony He has given them.

I believe in this book and I love this family as some of my dearest friends. Don’t miss out!

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You will get your HARDCOVER BOOKS on April 26th (from whichever distributor you ordered from), but as a THANK YOU for pre-ordering more than one book NOW, we want to give you the following FREE GOODIES …

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