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24 Years

Still reminiscing over the best birthday yet.

Approaching 24 and passing the mark, I started feeling older. Do you remember when adults would ask you growing up if you felt older on your birthday? I was always puzzled by this concept. How could a couple hours really make you feel older. I didn’t know until I turned 20 and I felt that new stage in life. Today I feel it even more at 24. God has done so much in these last 24 years, so I wanted to share 24 things Jesus has taught me (still trying to conquer some) and maybe someone else can learn something too. 😉

1. Read the Bible every day. There’s something in there God wants to show you. 2. You don’t always have to do everything. Accept help. Let someone else do it. Ask for help. Allow help. 3. Take time to slow down and spend time with the people in your life. Make the trip even if it’s long and you don’t have a lot of time. Do it anyway. 4. Don’t take the people in your life for granted but don’t let the fear of losing them hold you back. 5. Be yourself. Nobody else. God made you exactly who you are for a specific purpose. Stop looking around. 6. Take chances. Do something that scares you every day. 7. When God is calling you to do something, get ready and say yes when it comes. Don’t doubt. 8. Don’t look at the past and regret. Look at the past full of memories and learn from them. 9. Say thank you every chance you get. Tell the garbage man thank you. I bet he doesn’t want to be touching your garbage just as much as you don’t. 10. Grow up. Take responsibility. 11. Don’t be afraid to say what you think. But point others to Jesus in every word you speak. 12. Show up and let God do the rest. 13. When you buy something new, give something you have away. 14. Always look for people around you that you can Disciple and pour into. If you are following Jesus there’s something in you that needs to be shared. Be Paul. 15. Put down the phone, turn off Netflix, get off social media and talk. Spend time together. Laugh over a meal, pour your heart out over coffee. Don’t look at the world around you- just be right where you are. 16. Don’t listen to what every one says. Choose a few wise friends and mentors you trust. With every word you listen to ask yourself “Who told me this?” and always seek to find the foundation of it in the Word. If you can’t, it’s not worth listening to. 17. Balance. Prioritize. Set boundaries. You cannot do everything. You cannot please everyone. Trust God, follow Him and do what He calls. 18. Take time off. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go. Your body, your mind, your heart needs rest. 19. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let the small stuff be small and the big stuff be big. 20. Eat good food. Always. 21. Listen more than you talk. Let yourself be a Timothy. Let someone pour into you. 22. Take it all in. Be where you are. Enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what’s to come. God has this and His Plan is always better than our own. 23. Just stay in your lane. Getting your life together is more important than trying to be up in all the latest gossip. 24. God’s expectations for us are much easier than what we place on ourselves.

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