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 “Come, follow me,”Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Matthew 4:19


Girl Talk is a girls discipleship ministry for girls of all ages. We started in middle school and now our oldest girls are in college. We believe that when we fall in love with Jesus, this impacts every other part of our lives. We start in middle school knowing it is one of the hardest times and Girl Talk never ends. We are a community of girls supporting each other and loving each other to Jesus and with Jesus.


Discipleship looks different for everyone, but we believe discipleship happens every day. We believe God's Design is for moms to be their daughters' chief discipler. 

God does not make mistakes and the Bible reminds us time and time again that He supplies all of our needs. We believe the Lord has equipped and will continue to equip moms to be the best mom for their daughters. It is when we surrender all of ourself to Him, pray for the wisdom of heaven, and ask to be used that He will work through us to be the best for our girls.

We love partnering with moms and walking with moms in discipleship with their daughters. But we also know, not every family looks the same. So whatever your family looks like, we are here for you.

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