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10 Years of Girl Talk Ministries

Join us as we celebrate all God has done over the past decade through Girl Talk Ministries!

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Girl Talk introduced me to fellowship when I wasn’t receiving any. I didn’t know how to have fellowship and how to build relationships with others based on God. I didn’t have a way to receive that and have trust in others. I wasn’t going to Sunday School since we weren’t plugged into a church and I just wanted to have strong friendships. Girl Talk gave me what I had been longing for, I had found a group of girls who wanted to study the Bible and get to know each other better. But even in the social aspect of it, I was able to learn so much more about the Bible and was shown different ways to read the Bible. And it started a fire for me to get to know the Bible more. It set me up for my middle school, high school and college years which I am so grateful for!

Girl Talk has truly impacted me not only as a middle school girl, but throughout the course of my high school and college years. In middle school, Girl Talk challenged me to come out of my shell and fellowship with girls around my community. It also pushed me to grow my faith and gave me a desire to want to know Jesus deeper.

Girl Talk was the first place I learned how to be comfortable and confident in declaring my faith and the love of Jesus to others. I was in a setting where I had an opportunity to meet people I didn’t know or go to school with. It was a group of girls who genuinely wanted to pursue the Lord and learn more about Him and with that one goal in mind, it was so easy to connect and feel loved by people you didn’t know. I am convinced that is why this community has grown so much. It truly has The Gospel at its core and that is something that is so easy to build on because God is at the center of it.






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Thank you to our sponsors who are partnering with us in the next decade and beyond!
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Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pittman

Mrs. Lee Ann Clements

Mrs. Sheri McKean

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