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Thank you for wanting to partner with us in building the Kingdom!


Thank you for contacting us!

We will schedule a phone call with you as soon as possible!

While you are waiting to hear from us, start thinking about all the moms and girls you know that you want to invite and get together to make Girl Talk happen in your city! We typically start with girls at the end of 5th grade and we have leaders who help us lead beginning after 8th grade through high school and college! We also have high school and college groups that meet regularly in cities across the state.



Once we connect with you, we will start a Facebook page where you can invite moms you know in your city that have girls!!! This helps the word get out a little faster. We will make a post on our Facebook and Instagram inviting people in your city to join! This group is Private, but not secret,

so moms can find it easily but not everyone can just join right in.

In this group, we will post the link to sign up for Girl Talk!

This link can also be found on the front page of our website, posted on our Facebook page and at the in our Instagram bio.

 Gather a group together as your first Girl Talk event or share the link with your friends to join in wherever you are. You can create zoom watch parties or anything that works for your city! This will be a great time for your group to really find out what the Lord is doing through Girl Talk.



Right now, we are in the exciting times of building Girl Talk Curriculum,  Heart Issues, and we cannot wait to dive into all Holy Spirit is going to show us as we study with you together. Each semester, you can access our written curriculum for $10 per girl and it is all accessed online. Our big group studies will be available on YouTube and wherever you get your Podcasts to access for your small group time!

We meet in homes across our cities. In our Girl Talk sign up, we have a place for moms to indicate if they would like to host Girl Talk. We have a sign up we can send you for moms to sign up to host and co-host moms to help provide food and support. We love this part of Girl Talk because one, it is where we started, and two, it creates an at home feel with girls, sitting around a living room, talking about Jesus. Every year, we start with Deuteronomy 6, talk about Him wherever you go.

This also gives a place for moms to stay involved and be present. Our biggest heart in Girl Talk is walking alongside you as moms as we work together to build up our girls.


We love missions and know it is a huge part of who Christ calls us to be. Our goal in every city is to have missions every Monday. Starting out, sometimes it is possible. Other times, we know this is tricky! We would love to help you plan a few mission projects in your city this summer!


Every year we end the summer with a paint fight and the girls can never get enough! A big field is needed with lots of space. This event costs $15 per girl to help us supply paint and everything needed. If you ask any girl who has been they will tell you some of their favorite memories. We love it!

The message behind the paint fight is to commission our girls to go back to school. We base this message off of Matthew 5:16 and talk to the girls about letting Jesus in you be as evident as the paint all over you.

While each of our cities look different in ages, time to meet, events and other things - we love the aspect of our ministry that ultimately we are all connected and studying together. We cannot wait to have you a part of our ministry! We would love to answer any more questions you have as we work on getting Girl Talk launched in your community. We are praying for you and cannot wait to meet you!


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