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Becky Stewart // manager & recruiter


Becky is mom to Cate, Ann Presley, and Bo-- three lights of my life that compare to no other. Girl Talk Ministries would not be what it is today without God and (a far second she'll glady take) without THE Rebecca Snellgrove Stewart. Aka the biggest blessing EVER! The first time I heard of Becky Stewart was when she called me to tell me she had heard about Girl Talk and wanted to do everything she could to help me! I was amazed! I had never heard Jesus so clear in anyone's voice!! The amount I have grown and learned since meeting this amazing woman is honestly immeasurable. At times He has had me completely out of my comfort zone, but I've been pushed to not greater things but the greatest things, and I've been taught to not stop until I have everything I feel God calling me to! If you had told me that day on the phone how life would look today I would have said "no, absolutely anything but this!" But 2 Corinthians 1:4 has never been more real to me, along with so many other things. You have taught me so much! Most importantly, to love always and forgive quickly! I am thankful and blessed to have you in my life and a part of Girl Talk! My favorite thing about you is your humility and your challenging to always making me better. I have learned to give credit where credit is due and I hope maybe you've learned to take credit where credit is due. Thank you Becky Stewart for all you do for Girl Talk Ministries. Because of you we are on to the greatest things! Cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you and your precious family in the years to come! I love you! Xo Amy

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